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From world famous restaurants to incredible wine tasting experiences, Yountville, has everything you need to create the perfect Napa Valley get away.

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Know Before You Go

Distances from regional airports:

San Francisco: 67 miles/ 2 Hours
Santa Rosa: 36 miles/ 1 Hour
Oakland Airport: 59 miles/ 1.5 Hours
Sacramento Airport: 72 miles/ 1 Hour

Getting Around 

The Napa Valley is most easily reached and explored by car or by tour company. Check out the following tour and transportation companies to find one that fits your needs.

The Weather

Winter: Rainy with highs in mid 60s and lows in mid 30s
Spring: Mild with highs in mid 70s and lows in mid 30s
Summer: Dry and hot with highs in mid 90s and lows in mid 50s
Fall: Dry and warm with highs in mid 90s and lows in mid 50s

Get Inspired

There are lots of ways to make your trip to Yountville special. Find your inspiration with some ideas below
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Visitor Resources

If you need more information once you get to Yountville, stop by the Yountville Welcome Center to pick up a free Yountville Visitors Brochure and Napa Valley Magazine.
6484 Washington Street, Suite F
Yountville, CA 94599