The Spa at Hotel Yountville is an exclusive escape in the heart of Napa Valley. Accessible only to Hotel Yountville guests, the spa provides a retreat like no other.

Key Article Highlights:

  • Boutique spa with a peaceful, calming environment including a fireplace relaxation room
  • Explore our new, innovative spa facial: Rezenerate Nano Facial
  • Spa amenities include the ability to reserve your own semi-private lounge area, small bites/beverage menu and more

Explore more about my exclusive, luxury spa experience below.

Spa Retreat in Yountville

When choosing a place to stay in Yountville, you truly cannot go wrong.  However, if you are looking for that one thing to tip the balance, having access to The Spa at Hotel Yountville just might be it!  The Spa at Hotel Yountville is exclusive to hotel guests, making this oasis in the heart of the Napa Valley all the more special.  When looking at the list of things to do in Yountville, be sure to push a Spa Retreat at The Spa at Hotel Yountville to the top of your list!

The eco-chic poolside Spa whispers peace and calm from the moment you step inside the gorgeous boutique, where you check in for your service. The boutique offers an array of bespoke skin and body care products, clothing, accessories and giftable items from California artisans.  I spotted skin care products from Lira Clinical and one of my favorite sun care companies Coola.  The boutique has a beautiful collection of swimwear, robes and jewelry, which make perfect mementos of your time spent in Yountville.

Robes, swimsuits line a boutique rack
Boutique shelves lined with jewelry, blankets, swimwear and other spa products
Glass shelves line a white wall filled with spa products, skin care, sun care
I was warmly greeted by the reception staff and guided into the spa area, where the feeling that only a spa day can bring settled in.  They guided me to the changing room, which was serene and stocked with everything you could possibly need, including body & hair care products, hair styling tools and two beautiful showers.  I changed into my luxuriously cozy robe and spa slippers, left my personal items in a secure locker and stepped away from stress and worry and into the beautiful and calming spa lounge to wait for my esthetician.  The lounge featured a roaring fireplace and a serene vibe.  A quick brewing kettle provided hot water and I settled into the inviting chairs with a cup of hot tea and a snack of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
A dimly lit spa hallway with candles on the ground with a woman walking down the hallway in a spa robe


As a lover of all things skin care, my choice for this spa day was easy! The Spa at Hotel Yountville had recently announced a new, innovative non-invasive spa facial experience. As someone who prides myself on taking excellent care of my skin, but has been nervous to try more invasive procedures, the new Rezenerate™ NanoFacial is a dream treatment!

Taking pride at being at the intersection of Beauty & Technology, a Rezenerate ™ Nanofacial is right for you if:
+  You are not a candidate for more invasive procedures (because of skin tone)
+  You are concerned about painful treatments/numbing injections
+  You want quick results with little downtime
+  You are tired of facials that never deliver the promised results
+  You want to maintain healthy, vibrant skin

REZENERATEworks wonders on:
+  Fine lines and other signs of aging skin
+  Blemishes or other skin imperfections
+  Malnourished skin
+  Sunspots and age spots
+  Oily or overly dry skin
+  Uneven skin tone and texture

The Rezenerate™ NanoFacial is a non-invasive skin care treatment using cutting-edge Nano Infusion technology, acupressure and cold therapy to deliver the best. facial. ever. A firming and restoring cold therapy Cryo Mask brightens and nourishes skin while a zen acupressure massage plumps the skin and provides deep relaxation. Chilled Nanoglobes contour and reduce puffiness while sealing in moisture. The facial reduces fine lines & wrinkles, minimizes pore visibility and improves the overall tone and texture of skin.  This facial provided instant, vibrant and long-lasting results!

As someone deeply fascinated with skin care, I could dive deep into what makes this treatment so unique and special, but to keep it easy to understand and not go complete skin geek, I will summarize! In the most basic terms, the Rezenerate WandPro uses the Nano Pyramids to create temporary micro channels on the skins surface which allows products and nutrients to penetrate the top layer of your skin, without being invasive.

There is no downtime with this treatment.  The treatment itself was calming and painless.  A few hours after my spa visit, I met a friend for dinner and opted to go bare faced.  She commented on my glow immediately.  In addition, a scar I have had since I was a child was much less noticeable immediately after treatment.  My esthetician shared that for maximum results, 4-6 treatments over a 2-3 month period is recommended.  She predicted my scar would continue to fade with this protocol, which I am excited to continue.

Treatment room featuring a fire place, massage bed, bathtub
A womans hand holds a silver facial tool with a blue rubber tip on the end
a wooden tray filled with Lira Clinical Skin Care products
The Spa at Hotel Yountville offer many other services including Body, Facial and Massage Therapies.  They offer enhancements to these experiences including CBD, Scalp and LED Light Therapy. In addition, they have several Wellness offerings, including Private Yoga, guided meditation & Sound healing, personal training and their newly launch Core to Cork™ which combines fitness, fun and wine education.  I cannot wait to return for my next Rezenerate™ NanoFacial.  It was the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate while in wine country!  Call the Spa Concierge at  707.967.7940  to reserve your experience.

If you are looking for the best things to do in Yountville, may I recommend a truly unforgettable spa day experience.  Book your spa experience and reserve your own semi-private lounging area with added extras for a leisurely afternoon poolside post spa treatment. Sip on sparkling wine, assorted soft drinks, still and sparkling water while relaxing in Yountville, the heart of Napa Valley.

The Spa at Hotel Yountville

Open Daily | 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Spa at Hotel Yountville is exclusively for hotel guests.

For your convenience, Bardessono Hotel and Spa, is open to non-hotel guests based upon availability.

A cabana bed with a tray of wine and food
a cabana bed set with a tray of wine and food, pillows and curtains for privacy
A view from a private cabana to a bubbling hot tub