Jessup Cellars is not your average winery; it’s a paradise for both wine enthusiasts and their four-legged companions. At Jessup Cellars’ Yountville Tasting Room, you can indulge in exquisite wines, artisanal cheeses, and delectable chocolates while your furry friend enjoys a specially curated Pup Tasting Menu. From frozen treats to pawcuterie boards, your dog will have the time of its life at one of the area’s most dog-friendly wineries. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting offerings of Jessup Cellars’ Pup Tasting Menu and the experience you can share with your pup at this unique destination. 


Pup Tasting Menu Delights 

dog sitting on chair next to wine glass and treats

Straw Pup Cups Frozen Treat 

Treat your furry companion to a refreshing and healthy snack. The Straw Pup Cups Frozen Treats consist of apples and carrots with sweet potato ribbons, a delightful combination that will leave your dog’s tail wagging with joy. These irresistible frozen treats, priced at just $6 each, are perfect for keeping your pup cool and satisfied. 

Pawcuterie Board 

For the more active and nom nom pups, the Pawcuterie Board offers a gourmet selection of canine delicacies. This board includes Full Moon Beef Jerky Tenders, Portland Pet Food Gingerbread Biscuits, and Portland Pet Food Bacon Biscuits. Priced at $8.00, the Pawcuterie Board promises a delightful experience for your pup’s taste buds. 

dog treats on plate
wine bottle shaped dog treats

Drool Dog Treats 

Shaped like a Jessup Cellars wine bottle, these Drool Dog Treats are not only delicious but also entertaining for your dog. As your pup enjoys these tasty morsels, you can savor the full wine-tasting experience without any worries. The Drool Dog Treats are available for just $6.00, providing a delightful distraction for your furry friend. 

Complimentary Jessup Cup with Non-Dairy Whipped Cream 

At Jessup Cellars, every dog is treated like a VIP guest. The wine experts always extend a warm welcome to your pup by offering a complimentary Jessup Cup filled with non-dairy whipped cream. It’s a thoughtful gesture that makes Jessup Cellars the perfect dog-friendly winery near me! 

puppy licking something from a cup
dog leashes hanging

Beyond the Pup Menu 

 Aside from the delightful pup treats, Jessup Cellars offers a range of pet-related merchandise to make your visit even more memorable. You can take home a Jessup Cellars Dog Leash for $25.00 or a cuddly Jessup Cellars Plush Toy for $12.00, perfect as a souvenir or a gift for your dog-loving friends. 

The Complete Experience 

While your canine companion enjoys their Pup Menu, you can fully immerse yourself in the Jessup Cellars wine-tasting experience. Sip on a selection of exceptional wines while indulging in artisan cheeses and chocolates, expertly paired for your enjoyment. The Yountville Tasting Room also features a stunning art gallery curated by Cynthia Carey, showcasing the work of regional and national artists. 



Jessup Cellars is a haven for wine lovers and their canine companions. By offering a delightful Pup Tasting Menu, including frozen treats, pawcuterie boards, and drool-worthy dog treats, Jessup Cellars ensures that every guest, two-legged or four-legged, has an unforgettable experience. So, the next time you’re seeking a fantastic wine-tasting adventure that welcomes your furry friend with open arms, head over to Jessup Cellars’ Yountville Tasting Room and unleash the fun! 

Jessup Cellars Yountville Tasting Room is located at 6740 Washington Street. To make reservations or inquire about specific arrangements, please visit Jessup Cellars or call 707-944-5621 x1.