Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a picturesque village in the middle of one of the best wine regions in the world? Napa Valley is one of the top wine country destinations in the world to visit. And located in the heart of the Napa Valley is Yountville CA! This strollable village is a very special place to live. Full of world class restaurants and tasting rooms, friendly locals and beautiful weather. Interested in moving to Yountville, but not sure where to start? Continue reading for my top tips.

The Perfect Real Estate Agent

Finding a well connected and “in the know” Real Estate agent is critical when looking for a new home. We are very fortunate that Vintage Sotheby’s International Realty located in the heart of Yountville checks both boxes. Their philosophy is “Making Napa Valley Your Lifestyle,” and their professional and personal service live up to that standard. Their goal is to make sure that they understand the unique needs of each of their clients. Their real estate agents have extensive knowledge about Yountville and live in the area, giving them first-hand knowledge about what it is like to live here. No matter your budget or wish list, Vintage Sotheby’s is there to help you find your dream home in Yountville.

The Neighborhoods

Yountville might only be one mile long, but we have several different neighborhoods to choose from! 

If you are looking for a tight knit community and more affordable option, look no further than our two mobile home parks, Rancho de Napa and Bella Vista. Both parks are 55 and older communities. They offer numerous activities and very friendly locals who will have you volunteering in town in no time!

If you are looking to experience the authentic charm of Yountville, we recommend looking for a dream home in Old Town. Old Town is located in North Yountville (NoYo) and is characterized by charming houses and old oak trees. Old Town is also close to Washington Square, home to R+D Kitchen and Girard Tasting Room, as well as Jessup Cellars, RH Yountville, and the newly opened North Block RestaurantIf green grass-lined paths and vineyard views are what you are looking for, look no further than the Oak Circle neighborhood. Located East of Washington Street, Oak Circle, and the surrounding streets are the perfect place for a family to settle. Walking distance to Ranch Market Too, Bistro Jeanty, and Handwritten wine Tasting Room, living in Oak Circle is the dream for anyone looking for a quiet place in Wine Country.

What Makes Yountville Special 

Everyone knows about Yountville’s fabulous restaurants and tasting rooms, but what else makes Yountville the perfect hamlet to call home? 

The Yountville Parks & Recreation department is a best-kept secret by Yountville Residents. The Parks & Rec department creates community programs year-round to enrich the lives of residents. The Golden Ticket program is designed for seniors living in town. The program consists of exercise classes, writing classes, wine classes, and more at discounted rates. In addition to the Golden Ticket program, Parks and Rec plans holiday activities every year and the Residents Bash, a party just for those that are lucky enough to live in Yountville. 

Did you know you can drink in ALL Yountville parks? That’s right! One of Yountville Resident’s favorite things to do is grab a bottle of wine from their favorite tasting room, take out from their favorite restaurant and enjoy the parks. In the summer, Veterans Park hosts Music in the Park on Sundays, and once a month at the Yountville Community Park, people enjoy movies under the stars. There is simply nothing better than enjoying your favorite glass of wine with your favorite people in our beautiful parks. 

One of the many lovely things about Yountville is how walkable it is. There is no need to use your car to get around since Yountville is only a mile from South to North. Besides the obvious walkability, Yountville also has miles of lovely walking paths that weave through towns and connect all the neighborhoods. The Vine Trail also starts in Yountville for easy bike access into the city of Napa. 

If you find yourself tired of walking you can always call the Yountville Trolly for a free ride ANYWHERE in Yountville!

Don’t Take it From Us

Still need some convincing that Yountville is the perfect place to live? We have gathered some first-hand accounts of why Yountville is so special. 

“I grew up in Napa and left, somewhat reluctantly, to pursue my career out-of-state.  I always intended to return to the Valley, and I continued to visit the area regularly.  When I retired and with an aging parent living here, the time to return home had come.  For me, settling in Yountville was a no-brainer.  The combined rural and urban feel of the Town, the awesome beauty of the surrounding countryside, and the warm hospitality of the people confirms daily the wisdom of my decision to settle and stay in Yountville.”

  • Sandy Fagan, Yountville Resident

“We bought a weekend home here 22 years ago and moved here full time two years later. The weather is perfect – mostly sunny,  not too hot, not too cold, not too wet.  The scenery is incredible, whether walking down Washington Street or along Yount Mill Road. The restaurants are spectacular, and, of course, the wineries are an easy drive away.  But perhaps the best part is the residents, who all seem to be friendly, happy, and upbeat, a feeling that quickly catches you when you walk down the street.”

  • Carl Johnson, Yountville Resident

We moved here because of the small town feel.  We loved that we would be able to walk from one end of Yountville to other with many great places to stop or just stroll the parks with views of vineyards and mountains.  We love the terrific restaurants and tasting rooms.  After moving here to a home we adore, we fell in love with the wonderful people here with whom we play bocce ball, attend the Bash, eat Thanksgiving dinner, or volunteer. It is almost impossible for us to go anywhere and not meet someone we know and enjoy a friendly chat.  Did we mention we found Heaven?”

  • Rob Stout, Yountville Resident

Welcome Home!

Are you ready to make the leap and join us in Yountville? Make sure you stop by the Yountville Welcome Center for a map of your new home.  We are ready to welcome you with open arms!