Dee’s Yountville Mile

When you visit the Yountville Welcome Center you are greeted by our volunteers with a warm smile and a wealth of Yountville and Napa Valley knowledge. Since we are unable to welcome you right now we have gathered our volunteers favorite itineraries to help you plan your trip.

Dee has been volunteering at the Yountville Welcome Center for the past three years. Previously on the Yountville Arts Commission, Dee loves to tell visitors about all the amazing art work that is in our tiny town. She has put together the perfect full day walking tour of Yountville for you!

Yountville is the perfect walking town. Only a mile long, you can park your car at one end and spend the afternoon strolling up and down Washington Street. 

To start your Yountville Mile get off Highway 29 and park at Veterans Memorial Park. All parking in Yountville is FREE. 

Your first stop of the day is at the “Freedom Monument” in Veterans Memorial Park. Take a moment to “view your reflection” and reflect on the dedication of our many service members. 

Yountville has a long history of honoring our military veterans. The Veterans Home of California sits atop a hill overlooking Yountville and you will often find many vets enjoying a walk around town. 

Now it is time to start your walk! Cross the street and head North up Washington Street. On your way up the street stop at the many Art Walk sculptures. Download the free audio tour to learn more about each piece of art as you walk!

Next up stop at Atelier Fine Foods for a bite of cheese from James the cheese monger. Wonder around the little shop and discover all kinds of fun surprises. One of my personal favorites is the Atelier Napa Valley mustard or truffle honey! If you are in need of a pick me up grab a quick espresso to go. 

When you make your way out of Atelier stop at SENSE by JCB for a moment of high end shopping. In need of a vintage designer bag? They have you covered. 

After your shopping stop, head up the street to Kollar Chocolates. Now operating out of Coqueta, treat yourself to a delightful homemade truffle. 

Now it is time to walk a little and enjoy the beauty of our tiny town. Stop by The French Laundry Gardens and chat with the farmers about what is in season right now. 

By this point you are probably thirsty for some wine. Make an appointment at RH Wine Vault. Enjoy a taste of wines from all over the Napa Valley in one of their gorgeous cabanas. 

I know you already had chocolate but a stop at Kelly’s Filling Station & Wine Shop for a soft serve ice cream cone is a must. Enjoy your soft serve as you make your way to the Yountville Graveyard to say hi to George Younts grave site. George Yount founded Yountville! 

Take a rest in Yountville Community Park under the big redwood trees and get ready for your walk back. 

I am sure you are thirsty! Stop at Jessup Cellars for a refreshing glass of SB or do a tasting of 3 or 6 of their wines. All tasting rooms in Yountville require a reservation so don’t forget to book a head of time. 

Head South back through town (now on the other side of the street). Stop and smell the roses in Van De Leur Park and say hi to the fish sculptures. 

Soon you will see the bright yellow awnings of Bouchon Bakery. Stand in line (with your mask on!) for a tasty treat. 

With your tasty treat in hand take a selfie with The Sidewalk Judge. 

End your day with a delicious meal on the rooftop at Protea.

From Protea it is a quick walk back to your car at Veterans Park!