The Original Burgerdog

1600 Atlas Peak Road Napa, CA 94558

Napa Valley Foodtruck

The Original Burgerdog™ is a third-generation, family-owned business that specializes in serving the world’s best Burgerdog. What is a Burgerdog? It is a hamburger served on a hot dog bun  hand crafted out of premium ground chuck and sirloin, bought fresh every day. The Original Burgerdog™ is available on the golf courses at Silverado Resort & Spa.  We also have a food truck!  Click here for our Food Truck schedule.  We  offer catering services for weddings, corporate events and social gatherings as well.

The History of The Original Burgerdog™

Bill Parrish, a professional musician and entrepreneur, created the Burgerdog™ with the help of his wife Billie. Originally, Bill set up shop with his mobile hot dog stand alongside Lake Merced in San Francisco, just across the road from The Olympic Club. To save on money and space, Bill made a burger shaped like a hot dog and served it on a hot dog bun. Bill’s signature, the now famous Burgerdog™, was initially just a cost and space saving innovation.  It quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

To supplement his musical career, Bill took his rig on the road and stopped at places like Half Moon Bay, boat races and even a car wash in Daly City. Fishermen and park goers were his target market but golfers quickly became regular customers too. Eventually, the Burgerdog™ created enough hype that in the 1950s Bill was invited to run the concession stands at The Olympic Club. Candy, Bill’s daughter, has operated these 3 locations since 1980. Her son’s Max and Graham, have taken the lead. Many Olympians also held memberships at Silverado Resort & Spa and encouraged the Parrish family to bring the Burgerdog™ to the Napa Valley. In 1973 Bill’s son, Steve Parrish and his wife, Linda, did just that by opening a concession stand on both the north and south course in Napa Valley. Steve’s son, Jeff Parrish and his wife Ashley, are 3rd generation owners.

The Burgerdog™ is hand-crafted out of premium ground chuck and sirloin, bought fresh every day. Your cooked-to-order Burgerdog™ will be served on a fresh, toasted bun and topped with condiments of your choice. The key to our success has always been the use of fresh, quality ingredients.

From our family to yours, enjoy!