Oakville GroceryFEATURED 

7856 St. Helena Highway, Oakville, CA 94562

Napa Valley Grocery

Oakville Grocery is your destination for good food.

Good food, great hospitality, and quality local ingredients are at the heart of what we do.

Our approach is to offer delicious, feel-good favorites that are simply the best of what California has to offer.  We pride ourselves in featuring products from Wine Country and Northern California. Our products come from small-scale artisans, giving customers the opportunity to taste the essence of the area we live in.

Come for great coffee, stay for great wine and beer.

Enjoy delicious espresso beverages, traditionally brewed coffee, herbal teas, local wine, cold beer, cider, and healthy bottled options for guests on the go at Oakville Grocery. We offer a full range of locally-made pastries, fresh, natural juice options, and house-made milkshakes in an array of seasonal flavors, delivered with passion, craft, and quality ingredients.


The History

Rich in history, dedicated to the future of food

Oakville Grocery has been a wine country institution since 1881. Our flagship location is nestled among a landscape of grapevines, rolling hills, and the most revered wineries in the country. This idyllic locale is now a vibrant gathering place for locals, visitors, wine drinkers and vintners.

The Present

Jean- Charles Bossiet purchased Oakville Grocery in 2019. His appreciation for the authentic, the historical, and the relevant  prompted JCB to take over one of California’s oldest continually run grocery stores. Now Oakville Grocery guests enjoy food that is locally grown, carefully curated, and artistically displayed.

The Oakville Grocery has welcomed people through its threshold for at least 135 years. The little roadside business has somehow managed to survive revolutions in transportation, upheavals in the economy and the exodus of almost all of Oakville’s population. With one foot in the present and one in the past, the history of this humble but resilient store reflects the story of the Napa Valley itself.