Hope’s Chest Jewelry & Accessories

Shopping in Yountville


Hope’s Chest Jewelry is a small company, Iren Jenny started in 2002, after the birth of her granddaughter, Hope Sevana. The core of a family, survives by passing on to future generations their traditions, customs and beliefs. Heirlooms, jewelry and antiques also survive through generations. Hope’s Chest Jewelry promotes, sells and preserves vintage memorabilia for future generations. These jewels and memories are from an era when life was quieter, the rules clearer and the world simpler.

Hope’s Chest Jewelry also has a line of new and edgy jewelry. Iren seeks out local artists and buy their work. Or she commissions inexpensive, but interesting pieces from the Middle East or Asia. These have proven very popular with friends and clients since Iren tries to follow fashion trends and offer unique pieces at very affordable prices.

Giving Back

There is also a second aspect to Hope’s Chest Jewelry that is as important as the product and that is the setting. To sell the jewelry in a store, via mail or on the internet would negate the feeling that I am trying to create, the feeling of a quieter, calmer time, a time when women sat around with a cup of tea and visited. To promote that personal feeling, Iren’s products are only available with her interaction with you. Iren will bring “Hope’s Chest” to you, to a private party with a group of friends, fashion shows, or just the two of you. At these private events, you may elect to receive a portion of he proceeds in jewelry or designate a charity of your choice to be the beneficiary. You are also always welcome to come to Iren’s house and take a peak at the chest. Iren has enjoyed shopping for these pieces and has literally something for everyone. Prices will vary, from a few dollars to some more expensive.  Everything is reasonably priced and most pieces are one of a kind.