Divine Chakra Spa

6509 Washington St, Yountville CA, 94599

Experience Chakras

Divine Chakra offers chakra balancing services to help rebalance your chakras to provide you with a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Chakra balancing or alignment is known to help with the following ailments: health, breaking through ruts, emotional wellbeing, increased self-esteem, love life, intuition, finding your life path.

Grape Leaf Tea Readings

Grape leaves represent plenty, freedom and rebirth. Grapevines represent the faith required to expand and prosper. They also show the joy that comes as a result of doing so in their grapes and wine. It is no mistake that this plant and its fruit are used for pleasure and during celebrations. The grapevine truly provides us with the fruit of the spirit – and of life.

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading may be able to provide you with an alternative perspective that can help release your worries and increase your sense of well being and direction.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot readings can be done in a variety of layouts, depending on the category of your question. An ancient mode of divination that uses symbolic imagery and a psychic’s  intuition to answer questions. Tarot readings are done from a special deck of 75 cards created specifically for  connecting with the divine.

Palm Reading

The personal touch of a palm reading can be both calming and rejuvenating, inviting you to slow down while giving you an energetic push to manifest the things you desire. While the certain resources available can give you a sense of how to conduct a palm reading on yourself, it takes a true expert to inspect the fine lines that create the unique circumstances that you will encounter.

Yoga & Meditation

Please contact us about our private guided meditation session and yoga sessions.