Chimney Rock Winery

5350 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558

A Stags Leap District Winery

At Chimney Rock, we invite you to explore Cabernet Sauvignon like never before. Through our wines, we work to transform the enticing potential of the world’s most exalted variety into riveting reality. And through our tours and tastings, we strive to provide immersive experiences that complement the exceptional qualities of our wines.

What starts in the vineyard comes to fruition in the winery. Chimney Rock Winemaker, Elizabeth Vianna, is deeply cognizant and intimately familiar with the Stags Leap District estate’s vineyards.  She fully captures the estate’s unique terroir through meticulous vineyard management and careful, artistically minimal winemaking principles. This “non-interventionist” style of winemaking allows the winemaker to fully utilize that which this wonderful and unique Stags Leap soil is capable of delivering. The end result offers wines that are pristine and authentic in terms of varietal character, accompanied by a velvety taste in the mouth and astounding softness, balance, and cohesion.

We hope to see you at our Stags Leap District Estate soon!