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Napa Valley Winery and Museum

1881 Napa was created in one of the Napa Valley’s oldest historical Victorian homes with a mission to celebrate the origins of America’s premier winemaking region and the pioneers that founded it. The history of 1881 Napa ties inextricably to that of its neighbor, the Oakville Grocery. This beloved general store served the visionary pioneers who first planted grapes in the valley. 

Today 1881 Napa stands as a testament to these hardy founders and pioneers, honoring those that made had a vision for Napa Valley to one day become the destination for grape growing and fine wine.

Amid views of iconic vineyards and landmarks of historical significance, 1881 Napa offers a tasting of distinctive wines from each unique Napa Valley appellation, allowing guests to discover its diversity, abundance, world-renowned terroir and deep history.

Our one-of-a-kind wine history museum features an impressive collection of artifacts and vineyard and winery relics. Explore photos and stories of the pioneers who first settled and planted grapes in the region in the mid-to-late 19th century – these pioneers were instrumental in creating the Napa Valley we know and love today.

1881 Napa is a must-see, must-taste destination.

Tasting Experiences

Is it COOL to be HOT or HOT to be COOL?
An exploration of the wines from two AVAs with the coolest temperatures and two AVAs that are significantly warmer.

Majestic Mountains versus Plush Valley
A comparison of wines from Napa Valley mountains to the wines the heart of the valley floor.

Opposites Attract
Taste the full range of Cabernet expressions in the Napa Valley by way of four extremely different AVAs.

FEEL IT! All About Texture and Tannins
Learn the importance of the way Cabernet Sauvignon feels on the palate and how that texture relates to the wine’s tannins.

OUR PREMIER TASTING: Embark on a Journey Throughout the Valley

An exploration of all of our incredible Cabernet Sauvignon bottlings from each of the Napa Valley’s unique AVAs in one distinctively impressive line-up.

Napa Wine History Museum

Napa Valley’s most comprehensive exhibition of the valley’s early history.  The history museum at 1881 Napa combines a gallery of the stories of Napa’s early pioneers; a remarkable collection of winemaking relics;  and an exhibition of ephemera from the Early California Wine Trade Archive.

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