Napa Valley is a world-class wine region. But have you ever stopped to think about how Napa Valley became known for wine?  A Taste of History is the perfect experience for anyone who has ever wondered about Napa Valley’s wine history. The experience features tastings at three of the most historic wineries in Napa Valley, Charles Krug, Beringer, and Markham. This full-day tour will leave you not only satisfied by all the fantastic wine, but you will also leave knowing a little bit more about the Napa Valley! Being a huge history buff, this is one of my favorite experiences currently offered in the valley.

Charles Krug Winery

The first stop on A Taste of History tour is the historic Charles Krug Winery. The day I could go, it was pooooouring rain, but a little rain never stopped anyone from having a great day wine tasting. When we arrive, we are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine to start off the day. Sparkling wine in hand, we head out to sit under the cozy cabanas outside. Charles Krug is the oldest winery estate in Napa Valley. Established in 1861 by Charles Krug, the winery has a deep history rooted in family values and impressive wine-making techniques. Enjoying three delicious red wines, it is so fun to learn about the property’s long history. Make sure to save time to explore walking around the beautiful grounds.

Beringer Vineyards

Our next stop is Beringer Vineyards. Founded by Jacob Beringer in 1876, Beringer is known for the impressive Rein House, a beautiful gothic mansion. Beringer was the first gravity-fed winery in Napa Valley and was among the first wineries to use hand-dug caves for cellaring their wines. On A Taste of History tour, you not only get to taste some of Beringer’s iconic wines, but you also get to eat lunch at the beautiful Rein House! First up is the tasting. We tasted four wines that are only sold at the winery. Starting with a Sauvignon Blanc, followed by a Pinot Noir, Red Blend, and ending with a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon. After the tasting, you choose one of the wines to have as a glass with your lunch. Lunch is made in-house by Beringer’s Chef. Our lunch consisted of a fantastic potato gallet, pork rillette, homemade hummus, and a delicious almond tart.

Markham Vineyards

Our last stop on our history tour around Napa Valley is Markham Vineyards. Jean Laurent founded Markham Vineyards in 1852. In 1879 Jean built the impressive stone cellar that is still the center of Markham today. The winery gets its current name from Bruce Markham, who bought the winery in the 1970s at the start of the Napa Valley wine boom. Markham is the perfect place to end your history journey not just because of the winery’s impressive history but also because of the people who work there. Our host is 5th generation Napan, and he loves to tell you his family’s story as it relates to how Napa Valley has become what it is today.

Whether you are a long-time fan of Napa or just starting to get into Napa Valley wines, A Taste of History is a great way to spend a day in the Napa Valley. 

Experience Length: 45 minutes at each winery
Wines: 4 wines at each property
Cost: $140 per person
Reservation Required