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Who are the audiences you need to reach? What are the messages those audiences will respond to, and how should those messages be delivered? These are the questions that the MacKenzie Agency has answered for its U.S. and international food and beverage clients since 1989.

Focused exclusively on the food, wine, beverage, and hospitality markets, the MacKenzie Agency delivers award-winning, brand-building media relations, event management, trade and consumer education, advertising, and sales promotion support. We are specialists in raising the profile of organic, specialty, and premium/luxury brands in major markets and nationally, utilizing a broad spectrum of communications tools, including print, online, broadcast, social media, and live events.

Founded in New York City, the agency is headquartered in the heart of California Wine Country with an office in Manhattan. These locations help us maintain exceptionally strong contacts among the nation’s food and wine media, as well as to influencer groups whose opinions create and sustain trends. This national network of media and influencer contacts, combined with our breadth and depth of experience in food, wine, spirits, and hospitality communications, is a powerful competitive advantage for our clients.

Whatever you need to communicate, and whomever you need to reach, MacKenzie Agency can fashion and execute a cost-effective communications strategy to create measurable results in the marketplace.

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