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Your membership helps support the many ongoing programs and events that bring our community together. The Chamber staff and volunteers are available to answer your questions at 707-944-0904.


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Ongoing Memberships renew automatically each year. Ongoing members also enjoy a 10% discount.

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Whether you are a new or renewing member, thank you for your interest in the Yountville Chamber of Commerce. In 2016 the Chamber will offer our members Business Information Seminars and Business to Business Exchanges (B2BEs), especially geared to our business members for and about business. The Seminars and Exchanges will typically feature a guest speaker and/or showcase your business as well as provide you with excellent networking opportunities. Please watch for announcements of these special events and more in the Chamber e-newsletter and/or “Chamber Chat” in the Yountville Sun. The goal of the Chamber is to create a business advantage for our membership.

In addition, the benefits of membership include but are not limited to the following:


Professional Marketing & Public Relations

The Chamber currently contracts with marketing and public relations firms. Mackenzie Agency thoroughly promotes Yountville and its businesses, regionally, nationally and internationally. Successful programs, frequent media trips and target market press releases continue to keep Yountville at the forefront in the Napa Valley.

Referrals & Business Promotion

The Chamber makes thousands of referrals to its members through the Visitor Information Center (VIC). The VIC receives approximately 45,000 visitors annually who view your promotional materials, Winery of the Month and more. Referrals are increasing through our website www.yountville.com and our newsletters. Our user friendly website continues to evolve incorporating the latest in social media technology and imaging. The latest version includes a comprehensive directory, Google mapping and social networking. We continue to market the website heavily to leverage traffic directly to your business.

"Shop Local" Creating a Strong Local Economy!

We encourage Chamber members to shop locally from other Chamber members in an effort to help strengthen the local economy. The Chamber sets the example in buying from our member base and offers all of its members “member to member discounts.”

Sponsorships & Promoting Community

Looking for a cost-effective way to put your company in front of business professionals and thousands of potential new customers? Consider the benefits of sponsoring a Chamber program, mixer, event, or B2BE! Consumers respond to seeing your company name as a key player in building and promoting community.

Advocacy & Credibility

The Chamber actively represents business to government by holding seminars and forums to address important issues that affect your business. Current issues include; branding, parking & traffic, signage, employee relations, food handling, taxation and more.

Become a part of the vision and strategy of an influential business organization. The Chamber of Commerce is a prominent entity recognized throughout the country as the “watchdog” for business interests.

Volunteer Training

Our volunteers are highly trained to be advocates for your business. Their first hand experience in meeting you and learning more about your business will garner more visitors to your location, translating into potential new customers for you.

All of the above and much more is now available as a member of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce. Scroll down to complete a Membership Application, drop by the Visitor Information Center or call to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff for more information on joining the Yountville Chamber of Commerce today!

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