Restaurant Week

Yountville Restaurant Week

Discover the “Culinary Capital” of the Napa Valley

January 21-27, 2019

Yountville, Calif. is considered the “Culinary Capital” of the Napa Valley. The town is home to many fine dining establishments that have earned Yountville shining stars on the culinary map of America.

In conjunction with Napa Valley Restaurant Week, Yountville Restaurant Week allows locals and visitors to dine and delight throughout the town and experience our legendary food and wine culture January 20-27, 2019.

Through multi-course prix-fixe menus for lunch ($20) and dinner ($36 or $46), guests can try out the latest culinary hot-spots or revisit old favorites all week long.

Daily, visitors journey to Yountville for artisanal, farm-to-table meals at restaurants that have rendered even the toughest food critics to melt like butter. It’s a destination to expand and explore your culinary palate. Dine in Yountville and feel like you’ve taken a journey across the globe in a single bite.

Bistro Jeanty

Bistro Jeanty is an authentic French owned bistro serving classically prepared dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, Sole Meuniere and Cassoulet.

During Restaurant Week, Bistro Jeanty will be offering a two-course lunch special for $20. Enjoy the delicious classic French dishes with an extensive French and Napa Valley wine list to compliment the fare.

Offer only Tuesday through Friday, January 22 through January 25, 2019.



Bottega is an Italian word for an artist’s workshop, a place where a skilled craftsman practices and perfects his trade. Here, Chef Michael Chiarello shares the culmination of his life’s work in the kitchen, bringing together the best of Italy and Napa Valley in one unforgettable dining experience through traditional family recipes prepared with an inspired California twist.

During Restaurant Week, Bottega will be offering a three-course dinner for $46 on Monday, January 21 and Tuesday, January 22, 2019.


Mustards Grill

After 30 years of feeding Napa Valley and its visitors, Mustards Grill is still the hub of the food and wine community where winemakers lunch with truckers and chefs come to dine on their night off. Alternately known as the fancy rib joint with way too many wines, Mustards is still the place to go for a heaping plate of honest American fare with worldly sophistication.

During Restaurant Week, Mustards is offering a two-course lunch for $20 and three-course dinner for $36.

Does not include Fri-Sunday lunch or dinner services.



Ottimo is our mantra for how our guests feel when they leave our Mercato — In Italian, it means optimal, first-rate, excellent. Here, Michael Chiarello shares a lifetime of learning in the kitchen, bringing stories to life with pizzas, fresh mozzarella, coffee, wine, beer, and handcrafted products. Stop by to say “Ciao!” and enjoy our hospitality in Yountville.

Join Ottimo during Restaurant Week for a delicious and expertly prepared $20 lunch special.

Reservations not required


Protea is a Caribbean cuisine fast casual restaurant with counter service and tableside delivery using the highest quality and execution standards in the industry. We prepare many slow roasting, braising, and high-level cooking techniques to the worlds various street foods.

Join Protea during Restaurant Week for a two-course $20 lunch special.