Yountville Appellation Association

P.O. Box 2037, Yountville, CA 94599

Yountville was approved as the 11th sub appellation of the Napa Valley in 1998 and is comprised of 8,620 acres, of which roughly 2,700 are planted to vines. Although recently established, our appellation boasts a rich history — the first vineyards in the Napa Valley were planted here by George Yount in the mid-1800s in the areas now known as Yount Mill and Napanook. Today this rich patchwork of varied soils and microclimates allows us to cultivate a wide range of wine varietals, from delicate Sauvignon Blancs to robust Cabernets and Petit Syrahs.
As with many esteemed european viticultural regions food and wine have grown up hand in hand here, so it’s no coincidence that Yountville is touted as the epicurean epicenter of the Napa Valley, and the place for great food and great wine in a region lauded for an abundance of both. We hope you will enjoy your visit, and continue to seek out the wines, food and people that comprise our Appellation.