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Cultivating a Connected Community

The Yountvillian: The present-day news source for Yountville and the greater Napa Valley.

Inclusive, transparent, and informed reporting.
A connected community is a strong community.

Informed Reporting

The Yountvillian covers community news, information, activities, food, wine, and culture. We are committed to bringing various voices to the discussion making the conversation smarter for Yountville and the greater Napa Valley. Current, efficient, fresh, up to date, and modern local news  for or our community of residents, renters, Veterans, workers, second homeowners, and visitors focusing on the heart of this valley, Yountville.

The Yountvillian is an opportunity to get more up to the minute news and information using:

  • Social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with daily details
  • Weekly newsletter with in-depth information and pertinent updates
  • Website for access to all the news

We welcome a diversity of voices that may not have been part of the community conversation; offering an opportunity to hear from your neighbors with various viewpoints and insights.


With my six years on the Yountville Town Council, I had access to a lot of information, and no matter how prepared or informed the public was, there were always missed opportunities and missed data. There were even those not aware of the discussion until it had already happened. We are here to change that.

During my final speech as a council member for the Town of Yountville, I asked, “How will you all ensure the future of Yountville, and how will you participate to ensure that success?” Creating this source of news is my way to participate. Together, we can build a community of people who can expect more from each other.

Jeffrey Durham