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Napa Valley Tasting Rooms

Gentleman Farmer Wines: The gentleman’s farm, an idealized farmstead, designed for personal pleasure and satisfaction. It kindles a way of living. It rouses our thinking on winemaking.

Small Lot Wines

“There’s a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk.” – M. F. K. Fisher

Taking pleasure in wine and food, time slows. The fast pace loosens its hold to a feeling of the world receding. We connect with the natural rhythms of the seasons and each other.

This intention is rooted in the wines we create. Each tells an authentic story of the cultures and traditions that surround them.

The Gentleman Farmer Manifesto
We believe that a life well led is a life well fed

Fed by thoughtful food, good wine, and engaged conversation
Fed by what gratifies us – to garden, cook, or tinker
Above all to create
Fed by the work of our hands
The tactile, the analog, and the acoustic

We are for mise-en-place and a well-stocked pantry
Sharp knives, copper bowls, and a butcher block
We are for salting early and setting the table

We are for wine with lunch
on Mondays
To open the good stuff for no reason is the reason

Take up the wire whisk
Choose the stone mortar and pestle
Use the seasoned cast-iron skillet

Feel the grace of farm dirt under your nails
Sense the mystery in grapes grown from nothing more than sunlight, atmosphere, and water
Taste time held in a bottle

We have a need to be human, to connect to what is real
To hear a story told in an authentic voice
We err on the human side of winemaking

We nourish the life well fed