Be Bubbly

1407 2nd St, Napa, CA 94559

Napa Valley’s Best Bubbles & Champagne

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Welcome to Be Bubbly, the first and only dedicated Champagne & sparkling wine lounge in Napa Valley. Located in historic downtown Napa, where you’ll find fun in every flute.

For a place so renowned for quality wine, it’s hard to believe there’s nowhere in wine country to sip and enjoy multiple brands of the best wine of all…the sparkling kind. That’s just our humble opinion. Be Bubbly is your haven to unwind and indulge in the perfect beverage.

Be Bubbly offers so much more than just Champagne. We hand-select the best sparkling wines from both home and abroad to bring you the most eclectic options. Sip a sparkling Chenin Blanc or Rosé from France, a bubbly Lambrusco from Italy, an exclusive Prosecco on tap or try Californian favorites, such as Schramsberg and Iron Horse.